Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My brother stole my inheritance--Can you believe it?

Loni contacted me at the office yesterday. She said, my brother stole my inheritance. He stole my inheritance! Can you believe it? I remained silent allowing her to go on. I love my brother, he's everything to me. I love his wife and kids. We just celebrated Christmas at his house. Our kids play together. I can't believe he did that to me, to my family. What's your brother's name? It's Michael. He's my oldest brother. He's suppose to protect me. I trusted him with everything. How could I be so stupid. How could he take advantage of me like that. My mother would turn over in her grave if she knew this was happening. Then came the tears. My mother was struck by....

(Needless to say, it was a long telephone call. Loni was suffering from the classic symptoms associated with grief. She verbalized shock, denial and disbelief. After suddenly losing her mother to a freak accident, she was about to lose her brother and inheritance to greed. Her family dynamics would never be the same. She was trying to come to terms with those unfortunate events in one telephone call.)

To help, we needed to switch roles. I needed to take charge. It was time to provide clear and specific instructions. I had to act fast. I needed estate plans, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, all financial related documents, such as, bank and brokerage statements, asset records, titles, deeds, business agreements, life insurance policies, tax returns and witness statements. It would be helpful to also have Michael's personal and financial information. I needed those things to start my investigation. We had to act fast because stolen assets have a tendency to gradually disappear over time.

After hanging up the telephone, I remember being impressed with Loni. Most people in her situation would have been paralyzed by denial. They would have waited, hoping to wake from the nightmare and resume their normal lives. Not Loni. She didn't sweep anything under the carpet. She was dealing with this matter head on. I have a good feeling about this case.


Anonymous said...

yeah i can believe it!

same thing here after big brother takes mom for her trust/will (divided equally)lil bro moves in (without paying rent)and snows mom into will/trust change! and leaves the leach everything mom is 81 and thinks the world of the lil leach.


mitch said...

So how do you get around this type of theft? Recently a mother stole her childrens inheritence she acted as trustee when their father died eventhough she had married twice since. They trusted her then she took and spent the money. What can they do?

Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of this goes on. Well here is my story. I'll try & make it short & easy to understand.

My father was an attorney for over 54 yrs before he retired. My mother was his secretary for most of his time in practice.

We had a big family 6 kids, 3 girls 3 boys. Very close for most of our lives until we lost our sister in 2004

The trouble really started before that because my fahter retired in 1995. He was not well and was very ill most of the time. Heart and weight issues. He is not doing well right now & we do not think he is going to here much longer.

My mother has taken care of him all her life and so have all of the kids.

Because my father worked for himslef and was not wise financially he did not save well for retirement.

They have 2 homes. 1 in florida & another in MA. Massachusetts is their primary home residence.

The house up in MA is worth much more than the one in FL.

This is our dilema.In 2001 our parents celebrated their 50th and during that time my older brother and his friend and my older sister we drinking at the MA home outside and were intoxicated.

My mother was in the house & my dad was not well then. she was stressed and told them to be quiet & things got out of hand. They cursed my parents. My brother said they would love them to drop dead. Many terrible stupid things were said.

The result. My parents called the police because they were going to drive off intoxicated. The police came and the three of them were arrested. my brother & his blind boyfriend who freaked. I understand. My sister was not arrested but was told to she would be next if she didnt stop her behavior. she was blasted.

Anonymous said...

cont..page 2

The result. My parents called the police because they were going to drive off intoxicated. The police came and the three of them were arrested. my brother & his blind boyfriend who freaked. I understand. My sister was not arrested but was told to she would be next if she didnt stop her behavior. she was blasted.

Alchoholism runs in our family and it basically has destroyed it. From this event my brother & sister have harbored ill feelings to say the least towards my parents ever since.

Now going back to 1995 when my parents retired and bought the house in florida. They sold our main family home/ Becasue my father wa sretired and had insuficient income ect for whatever the reasons they asked my brother to help them secure a loan for the FL home which he did.

So the deed was in his name. He did not put one cent down on the home and even moved down there & lived with them for a short period until he met his friend and moved in with him. He did not pay rent really. maybe a few 40 dollars here and there but they never asked him to really pay.

There was another deed written to be recorded that was stored in my mothers home there in her file cabinet. All it needed was my brothers signature and a notary to stamp it and record it to transfer it back to my parents. It is their home. He does not live there they have all this time.

Anonymous said...

cont page 3

In 2004 my brother had a real falling out with my parents. Visious time. My other brother was living there while my parents came back to MA for the summer with his then new wife because he couldnt aford to live anywhere else. Both brothers took advantage of the situation.

It was my older brother who wasnt living there the one who's name was on the deed to get the loan.v Well while my parents were not there he took the deed from the file cabinet and burnt it. How do i know this because after a few years of family battles I confront him.

He had assumed the role of the one who would take care of the family and he was the executor @ that time.

I aksed him what happened to the deed? He said he burnt it why? I said what are your intentions with the house? I told him the deed should have been deeded back to my parnets it wasnt his home.

He said oh but it is. My name is on the deed. It is mine. I said are you going to live in the house? He said no. I said well what are you going to do? He said sell it. I said well what are you going to do with the money?

He said keep it. I then asked him what made him think he was entitled to those assets? all he said to me was its not my fault you didnt save for retirement and go get a job.

I brought up 2 k children and worked for 17 yrs and then some. He has lived off my parents and others till he got a nursing degree which is another problem.

No one has helped my parents or my mother out with my fahter. He has been very ill for many years and they have abandoned them and have created an illusion of unbeleivable proiportions.

Yes Im mad my brother beleives he is entitled to that home but the thing is my parents have even retained an attorney to request he sing another deed over to them but he ignores all corespondence.

Anonymous said...

cont.. page 4

Also my fahters sister who is a wealthy woman more than you can imagine. Could be close to a Bill Gates Im serious.

Since 1991 they decided themselves to share their wealth or pretty much shut up the relatives by giving them a gift each year of a certain amount of money. Control money. Not much really just enough for my parents to survive.

My fahter is his sisters only brother and he was good to her but there has been an estrangemtn and she is just as visious as my brother. she is a sick woman. Major alchoholic and my mother has been to her side many time to help her.

She took care of her other brother as far as a nursing home and at this time we r facing the death of my father. We are looking at hospice because he is that bad.

My mother faces loosing everything. she will come live with me. i will take care of her. she doenst have to worry about that. I have one other brother with a heart and soul so between the two of us we will make sure she is taken care of.

My remaining sister has not spoken to my mother since 2001 and is a recovering alchoholic and pretty much pickled. My oldest brother is a sick man as well. Not to be trusted and very odd man. The one who stole the deed and burnt it well you can figure that relationship out he is no longer the executor I am and will make sure everyone is taken care of even with the estrangments i will do what is right when the time comes.

My parents rewrote their will and appointed me executor. My sister who passed away was the original one along with the brother who stole the deed and burnt it and thinks he is entitled to the proceeds to that house.

We are in a mess and my aunt and uncle are aiding & abetting (is that what you call it?) my brothers theft.

Because the deed / loan is in his name part of the money they have been giving to my parents they send to my brother to pay the mortgage.

See they send a personal check in their name to my brother. He deposits it into his account then writes a check for the morgage to make it appear he has paid into the principla of that home. Were screwed. how much more crooked can that be?

The thing is an attorney is aware of this situation the realtor who sold them the house knew of the set up and the bank loan officer knew as well.

Because of the anomisity between my fahter and his sister they are punishing us for their personal whtaever it is spat which is sick.

She is sick and he is dying. He is 81 yrs old out of it and she has donated millions to hospitals for wings ffloors and to her college for a science building and a library and I could go on but she is going to let her brother rot and die. Its a horrible time.

Even my fathers cousin is living in squaler and I just dont get it. He lives near my aunt in MA and she lives ina home worth more than 20 plus million just there not to mention the other home worth close to over 40 or more not sure in palm beach on the water one of the largest lots there for water front.

Anonymous said...

cont.. page 5

Even my fathers cousin is living in squaler and I just dont get it. He lives near my aunt in MA and she lives ina home worth more than 20 plus million just there not to mention the other home worth close to over 40 or more not sure in palm beach on the water one of the largest lots there for water front.

Im sure at some point soemone will read this in the family. but it is all true. It's a disgrace and its a vendeta whatever or hate or sickness.

But we are talkign about an elderly man and woman. My mother is 78 and is afraid she is going to shut off. She may. But at this time sh ehas to worry abou ther dying husband and the loss of her own health insurnace because they said they would not pay for her. All these years they hepled them. but they started it and my parents were able to live a decent life. Not wealthy. They made sure of that. They kept them in their place.

so much family history and resentment but its ugly. What can I do?

Daughter in a desperate situation and will do what is right.

Daughter in a desperate situation and will do what is right.

I am not going to even spell check or read this because it was written from my heart. Oh the brother who stole the deed is now a nurse and couldnt care less if they both died. He even said he wished they would drop dead and he would throw their Arese out in the street.

I could go on but i will say yes my parents were not always pleasant but they gave us a lot in our lives. and this is what they get in return?

This is the totaly l ike the film "GREEDY" I am appauled with the behavior of so many members in my family and i havent been a saint but i would never turn my back on my parents at a time when they need you.

Help me please!

Anonymous said...

A beneficiary has legal rights. Find out what your rights are by reading the Probate Code for your state. Then you have to fight the crooks who ripped you off your inheritance. Understand that all the crook can do, once he is caught red-handed, is to discredit the witness so stick with the facts. Judge's can be unfair but the law demands fairness. A judge must uphold the law, not make decisions based on their feelings or perceptions. Many are biased. Crooks have a tendency to vilify and demonize anyone who opposes them. These are bad people. Stand strong and take courage and go to court and sue the trustee for breach of their fiduciary duty to a beneficiary. If victims of fraud do not stand up and hold the crook accountable (and the courts accountable) our judicial system becomes weaker and weaker. Stand up and fight! The money you recover may be the difference between you getting necessary medical care or not when you are old or sick. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

MY mother in law stole her son's inheritance that he was to receive from his grandparents. His grandfather even wrote him a letter which he disclosed to him that he would be receiving an inheritance from them after their death. We have the letter, showed it to his mom, and she refuses to bring it up. She is a very low human being but he's her only child and the only real family he has is me, his mom, his dad, and his uncle so he doesn't want to cause any conflict by pursuing it in court. I find it horrible that anyone could steal from their own child. I feel bad for anyone who is going through this. My husband and I have been together for 16 years and with the current economic situation, we could have used the inheritance to pay off a lot of bills. We know that God will provide so we don't worry. We trust God to work in our lives and He will be the one to make things right with what has happened to my husband by his conniving mother. She still acts like she's done nothing wrong and she think she's a saint. What she did is between her and God and God knows the truth. I encourage anyone else going through this to either pursue it in court if you have to because you really need the help, but if not, just trust in God and that He's going to make things right for you someday.

Anonymous said...

My two older brothers stole my estate 20 million. Im in shock and the solicitor I engaged seems to be taking a long time six months and no action??? Im even more worried somebody has influenced my lawyer???

Anonymous said...

My two older brothers stole my estate 20 million. Im in shock and the solicitor I engaged seems to be taking a long time six months and no action??? Im even more worried somebody has influenced my lawyer???

Anonymous said...

My story is as follows on May 11th 1990 my daughter my oldest ,I adopted her and raised both my daughters alone since they were 3yrs old. My Daughter was 18 .On that date returning from her College break The vehicle I bought her a Ford Eddy Bauer Edition new that year , A gift from me , because she made the Deans list.That day clear ,sunny warm a slight breeze , when all of a sudden the steering locked and , she was Driving on interstae 95 she could not turn the wheel ,caught the soft shoulder and flipped over 6 to 8 times she was driving at 65 mph and we both got ejected from vehicle both of us wore our seat belts , both the whole car disintagrated she broke C2+£ in her neck , not a scratch on her , as for me I got thrown onto the on comming trafic and was hit , My back was broken and pelvis, right leg , Face, needless to say they thought I wouldn,t make it, we were Life stared to Anna Jacques Hospital in newbarry port NH , ,My daughter was an organ donar , The Neurologist there and 3 others told me she was Brain Dead and was alive by artifiscal life support I had to remove her from that , even in my condition I had to make that choice, The hardest thing I have ever did. Now years later I rebuild my life become a successfull Professional Drummer, took care of my family our Parents. They lived with me for 20 years . never had to pay anything , But un known to me they were giving my older brother their retirement and he not disabled , just a lazy , weazeling bum . Just last year I went to Florida and married my High School sweetheart, little did I know that my Brother and family conspierd an had a crooked lawyer sell my house took my assetts and when I was told they did this. I know how unbelieveable this sounds an there are 3 sides to every story but heres the Truth.I got a Large lawsuit money from accident and I gave everyone in my family $50,000.00 and I now find out that most of them said ,quote Is that all were getting? I did not or was never required to give anyone anything I did So to help and this is what they said. And my Brother who was sent away for molesting our sisters years ago , they were so miffed because ,He was the only one I would not give any more money to. This is so messed up . Now my wife an I are homeless and fighting to get back everything. Im sure anyone who reads this is saying to themselves This can,t be true or hes making it up , or nuts, .Theres got to be more to this . your right there is more to it , more unbelievable shit towards us. and .IIIIt is beyond Mind Boggling. So Im supposed to wait to see what the court will do . for the future ,

Anonymous said...

My sister stole my inheritance. I was the executor and my grandmother told me how she wanted everything done. My sister lived on the second floor above my grandmother and lived there for 20 years. When my grandmother became ill my sister had an atty come to the house and change the will, unbeknownst the everyone. My grandmother actually had a little dementia by then and would not have made the changes that were made. My grandmother was adamant about how she wanted things done. My sister hung up on my when I called to say what happened, she said "all you care about is the money". I have not talked to her since but have nightmares about her often. Our family was close and I can't believe that my own sister would become a conniveling, slimey, piece of scum...she was always a bitch but this was unexpected. Plus she already had the most money in the family because she lived rent free at my grandmothers and banked hers and her husbands money from full-time work. I don't know how to get past this but hope that karma is on my side. I don't like the nightmares and the "should I have done this?", etc. I didn't see it coming. My mother is sick now and wants to change her will and trust on the house but has been saying this for 6 years so I guess it won't happen but I don't look forward to having to deal with her again, and she is the only one in the family with money to be able pay for any necessary legal fees, etc. Sleepless.

Abitaskew Dataflow said...

Incremental shame pales in comparison to immediate gratification I guess.
Mom had drug problems. Had me and my 1/2 sister before she past away. She lost custody of us early one when I was 6 or 7. Sister went with her Dad, I went with the State, through 7 Foster homes, eventually being adopted at 13 by a very violently & abusive household. While there I was threatened to give up contact with my biological family when my real Grandfather died leaving me 1/2 of my Moms estate. I ran away at 18, reestablished contact with my family. A few years later the executor of the estate gave it all to my sister because my entire name had been changed when I was adopted and no longer met the requirements of the will that used my Birth Name.
My question is, What is the job of the executor of an Estate? Is it to be a mindless bureaucratic drone or to carry out the intentions of the last will?
My sister's hidden the rest of what's left of my share of the estate in trusts for her 4 children. She is only 25 years old. With a damaged Liver from god knows what. Married to an abusive alcoholic on probation. They are all living off the State housing and food today, yet they have digital cable/internet, cell phones, dining room table sets, and even bought cars for their friends.
Me and my Sister talk but never really really talk. Anytime I ever mention money she shuts down psychologically to avoid responsibility.
The best way to split an old Family Oak Tree into splinters, is never more easily done, then with a thunderbolt from misguided inheritance.

Anonymous said...

My mother died March 14th of this year. I am now being told one lie after another about the will and the inheritance. Greed has ruled members of my family where I know I will never know the truth. I cannot afford a lawyer and they know it.My stepfather was a good man and had good intentions of leaving all the children equal inheritance.He told me at one time that I was to get a small fortune. That's not going to happen.My youngst brother and another are taking it all. Sure would have liked to have my teeth fixed, HA HA. silver

riverman said...

My father acquired a 36 acre ranch to pass down to his children and grandchildren after his father sold off and squandered the place he was supposed to inherit. But my brother moved in with mom and dad living rent free for 20 years while I busted my ass raising the only grandchildren my parents would ever have. My father wanted to help my brother and his wife so he bought an adjoining 24 acres with the promise that the 36 would go to me and my wife, the 24 would go to my brother and his wife. While living there my bother and his wife badmouthed me and eventually my folks wrote my wife, the mother of their only grandchildren out of the will and cut my share down to half the 36. Later my mother gave the house to my brother, so all I could get would be half the 36 with no rights to the house. Then my mother fell ill from a stroke. My brother, trying to preserve as much of the estate as possible denied payment to doctors, the hospital and the nursing home. Then Adult Protective Services came in, took over, seized the bank account, paid off the bills and put my mother on Medicaid. Now when she dies none of us will get anything, the state will take it all away. It hurts a lot but at least my brother got screwed more than me and he did it to himself!

Anonymous said...

My sister and I have been so depressed all week because our 3 sisters stole our inheritance when my Dad died a week ago! There are 5 of us daughters. The oldest coerced Dad to change his will 6 months before he died, when he was not of sound mind. He was exhibiting strong violent behavior, and delusion/confusion. My oldest sister took advantage of his condition, drove him to his lawyers, and coerced Dad to erase two daughters he always loved. To make matters worse, Dad never used banks, and had a half million dollars stashed in a safe in his house. The money is gone. It was in the care of my 3 'greedy' sisters. They told me and my other sister that Dad died penniless, and they split the monies, and refuse to share the house/land we grew up in! Me and my sister are givers...helped the one 'greedy' sister with thousands of dollars when her husband died a few years back...and now she is stealing my inheritance. I am numb, and feel so betrayed I cannot function. The pain is so hard because I never, ever thought my sisters would connive such a plan to disinherit me and my other sweet sister. We cannot afford to contest, so they get away with it all. We cannot prove the safe money because Dad never documented it. My mom has alzheimer's, and the same 3 evil sisters have hijacked her and we believe they have plans to steal mom's monies too.
How do you cope with such a thing? If your own family sells you out for a buck, how can you trust anyone?

Anonymous said...

My mother in her wisdom decided to punish me by disinheriting me. Why you may ask? Because I went into the ministry, have a rather nice little church and I married a Latina from Colombia. My mother was also a bigot. Now there is a lot of family dynamics, but suffice to say my mother also disliked my father's side of the family (me included) and rewarded her side in the will. She did have a money market account that was held jointly with me. Three years ago my cousin (also her POA) attempted to have me sell it. I refused as this was money my father had set aside for me. Well the will has been probated, I receive $1,000.00 to keep me from contesting and my cousins families (the POA) received everything. I can't even go into my old family home. But sad to say when I went to transfer the Money Market accout all to me, I find it was drained and that my mother was coerced into giving my money ($30,000) to my cousins to pay her bills. That must have been hard for her to understand she had dementia. As clergy it's not like I make a lot of money so $30,000. is kind of a big deal. The cousin also sold property with my name on it and closed a joint bank account.

Anonymous said...

She was going to get married then the day before the wedding her future husband and I went to go to my lawyer's office and sign a prenuptial agreement. She had cold feet about it later and then she wasn't going to go through with it because it just seemed wrong.

He convinced me though. The day of her wedding she walked down the aisle and didn't see him or her maid of honor. Then a man came out of no where and handed her a document stating that she handled over everything that she had to him. Can you believe it? The prenuptial was fake and she signed it giving away her millions. It seemed wrong.

She ended up getting back years after, but it just comes to show to trust no one and read whatever your signing!!

Anonymous said...

similar situation. dad was pretty gullible. He left a will dividing everything 4 ways, but to avoid probate, he put everything in the executors name POD. executor, (sister) got the checks and ran. she was made executor because she was the most religious in the family and he felt he could trust her. all we can do is cut her kids out of our money.

Jesse Harvey said...

Yea I got ripped off by my brother , he lied and stole for years , when the folks died there were four house ,and he got it all... I got nothing ,and because I he claimed that I owed him money from the past ,he made me give half of my food stamps , this guy is unbelievable ...the list goes on and on....

Anonymous said...

My oldest brother is the executor and wants to pool all of the insurance policies(of which my mother has about 2 dozen) and has directed the Funeral home to coordinate it. My other brother and sister were mostly written off the policies(bum and alkie) by my mom. We honored her living will and will but not her other desires that she was willingly paying for monthly for many many years. You may say I am greedy, maybe so but if my mother did not want them to benefit THEY SHOULD NOT! All children in 40's or 50's and they have had ample time to "sow their wild oats" I will disown my family if this happens! I do not want to support my bum brother and sister because they take no responsibilities for their actions and expect everyone to always support and forgive them grrrr I hate it.

Anonymous said...

My fathers late wife of 7yrs abused me during my painful serious disability, then lied about my fathers terminal illness of cancer, after he died when I called her, she told me she will not give me anything back to me & threatened me. Before my father died, he told me a few things that she had done & one of then was about lying to my father about a property he lived & invested after his marriage to her & she had him invested money & pay moragages but, my father found out later that it was not hers, instead it was her daughter name. He was upset & did not know what to do,
Also, she disturbed my medical care I needed, and Executive education I wanted to receive with help of my father by convincing him that I do not needed to be supported while I was suffering from on going 4yrs of disability. I don't even know what she is hiding. Don't want to call her again. I have been getting over a year of psychiatrist treatment out of depression, I also witnessed her forcing my father to sign something & demanding money from my father when he was suffering from stage 4 cancer & brain tumor. I was able to hear all this because my father did not hang up the phone after We were on the phone. It's too painful. I need a help. Plus, my aunt who supposed to hand me my fathers will she never did but, instead she handed all to my brothers company manager & received illegal fund, told my brother & my brothers company people that I do drugs which was untrue. Then, also one of a guy who works for my brother lied to me about my fathers total asset amount & when I found out that he had lied so, told my brother by sending him a letter ( he was blocking my conversation with my brother ) he sent me threatening message to me by text message. And he lied again to me that he never did. I have been so powerless over all these crazy people. Yes, my family also do have an alcoholism. I don't drink, or do any drugs, totally sober.

Anonymous said...

My sister and I were co beneficiaries and were to split everything according to my mothets will. The house was put up for sale by my sister but I got on that she wasn't happy. My mother died shortly after and the home sale changed, I was told paperwork was fine for both. I was kept in dark about closing dates and an estate sale of the items meant for us in her"laundry list". It all was sold including a car. The house went a week before I was told. My sister took it all and left the state.

Anonymous said...

oh so many tragedies! my sister is very rich and very cold and resents me terribly because i was my father's little princess. she won't let me spend time with my only nephew, won't spend time alone with me since dad died almost 2 years ago, and got him to make her sole executor. she is also in charge of the house and caretakers who care for my mother. i asked her when we were going to the lawyer for the reading of the will, and she said that's just done in the movies. i found out that part's true but still, she never gave me a copy of the will. i never got an accounting like i'm supposed to. early on, she wouldn't let my mother sign the gift check she used to every month because she said i would take advantage of my mom's kind heart and all checks had to go through her. she's even threatened a restraining order to keep me from my own mother, when in fact she loves me dearly and i bring nothing but good energy to the house. it's hurtful and humiliating. well, i just found out the exclusion amount for the gift tax rose to $14K in 2014...did my sister change it on her own? of course not...now she's trying to tell me she's not increasing it for my mom because she's already over her limit on gifts! i did more research and found out that for decedents who died in 2011 like my father, there's an increase in the unified credit to $5,000,000 with a portability clause through 2012. what that means in english is mom can use whatever is left from my dad's share of the assets to forever escape gift and estate tax, up to $5,000,000! i don't know how much the estate is worth but my greedy sister was trying to snow me and keep my gifts as low as possible. she only gives me the minimum herself, not even a matching gift from her son and i'm on disability and separated and so is my husband. meanwhile, she goes on trips all year and throws me crumbs. well, she's going away for a month very soon and i'm going to see our family estate attorney and have him go over the will with me and trust and find out if my mother can really be stopped from spending her own money how she pleases and set up a tax planning strategy to move as many funds to me and my sister who of course is too selfish to forgo her share...before the law gets repealed! they thought it would go down to $1,000,000 this year and i'm so grateful and lucky. i begged my dad to not give her any power of me and he made her executor anyway. she's run amok and i have to get my mom to protect me while she still can! it's crushing the pain...i fear for myself if i don't act now.

Anonymous said...

meant to say the exclusion went up to $14K in 2013 not 2014. then they thought the unified credit would go back down to $1,000,000 from $5,000,000 but instead congress raised it to $5.12 million. that means my mom can and should start gifting me hefty sums to avoid estate tax down the line. even my sister won't be able to argue with that even though i'm sure she'd rather have the money go to the IRS than her only sibling. it's so sad that i have to protect myself from my own sister. nice huh? wish me luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

I got ripped off my inheritance from my brother my mom died , in September 9 2009 my brother took me to a lawyer that turn out to be his own lawyer and got my inheritance ripped off me his lawyer said since I was going threw a bankruptcy that I would lose my inheritance is there anything I can do he's a 2 strike felon

Kathleen Salazar said...

That's a dreadful situation! I just can't imagine why things like this could happen. Imagine the fact that your own blood would deceive you. By the way, what happened next? Were Loni able to fight for her rights? She definitely needs a legal assistance to resolve her case.

Edward Martini said...

My sister, who is executor of our father's estate, has claimed that all of his assets were in four separate "Joint Accounts" with her alone, and so she has taken all his money. When I ask for verification of the Account ownership, she claims to be unable to get the signature cards from the banks even though the banks have told me that are still available, but to her alone as executor.

What makes all so much more painful is that I was SOLE caregiver for our Mother who had dementia while sister was dealing with dad's estate, I received NO help from her or anyone at all, and spent my own savings to care for her until she died, Now I'm broke and desperately need my inheritance from dad but can't afford attorneys to confront her through the court, so I'm screwed.

New York Probate Court doesn't provide any kind of oversight of estates until someone has a Lawyer make a petition. There is NO Advocacy at all to help me.

Anonymous said...

All: My mother gave the family home to my brother right after our father passed away with the stipulation that he would care for her in her old age. Well a few years later he told her to call 911 if she needed anything, not him. So I had to come and get her from two states away and I took care of her for 15 years. The agreement ever since was that he already got his inheritance and that I would get whatever she had left (which wasn't much). She recently moved back to the area where he live since he divorced and "made nice" again and since she now has dementia and she forgot all about the way he treated her. She removed me as POA and has forgotten that she gave him the house. She is giving him everything in the will since he is taking such "good care of her." She lived with me in my home. He made her get a rental house. She is 90 years old and has no business living alone. Recently she locked herself out of her house and was wandering down the country road looking for help. My brother was always her favorite so she wanted to move back when he got rid of the wife and started sucking up again. She quickly forgot all I did for her. I took her on so many all expenses paid vacations, bought all of her clothes, etc. Anyway, here is what I have decided. I will receive my inheritance in heaven. Let her do what she wants with her money on this earth. My brother will have to answer to God one day. None of this is for me to judge. I refuse to contest the will. But instead, I am putting it all in God's hands and going on with my life, without them in it. Life is too short to live with pent up anger and hurt feelings. I know that my God knows I honored my mother and that He loves me and that's all that matters. I hope and pray that all of you can find some measure of peace in the midst of family turmoil such as we are all describing here and begin to let it all go. In Jesus name.

Anonymous said...

What is it about brothers?
My brother "misappropriated" over 10 million dollars from my trusts and the family's trusts while he was trustee, just before the divorce and then during that time, his ex wife got over 10 million in the settlement, plus something like 30,000/mo...little brother has estate homes in Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay, LA Quinta, 2 or 3 homes in Blackhawk/San Ramon and a 200 foot yacht with a crew down in W Palm Beach, FL where he hides it all from my parent's view... the attorneys involved are dirty and perpetuate the crimes, even after my REPEATED requests for accounting, in writing, and STILL no one to help me after contacting over 200 attorneys, that are all evidently behind the scheme too in some way...you just cant fight big money, and now I am losing the only house I have...
Doing the right thing just doesn't matter, and there are NO attorneys who will fight against the rich and powerful, even if they ARE criminals!!! I'm just sad that the only reason he was given a 50 million dollar corporation is because he was a male...in my family, females mean nothing unless they are being sold as a commodity...even restraining orders against their private corporate pilot who was stalking me and attacked me at my own house were ignored by local law enforcement! There is no fighting the evil of the rich and powerful...
By the way, little bro's favorite show when he was 12 years old was Dallas...sad thing how true to life that show was!
Interesting how he was a coke dealer and other scams and NO ONE EVER investigated him!!! I was called a liar for telling the truth. The discrediting and deceit is the most painful part of it all, except for the fact that I am losing the ONLY house I own, after I was defrauded on that sale, as no one was there to protect me against the fraud committed in that sale...

Anonymous said...

My brother has done the same to me. Mother passed in Feb. and his exact words were "well all of mom's assests are off the table now" This was his way of telling me my mom had passed.. nice guy.. Well he had everything towards the end put over into his name. He was executor and had power of attorney. He is walking away with over $400,000.00 and my daughter (the only grandchild) and myself get nothing. He told me I never had a mother and daughter relationship and mom did not want me to get nothing. This is not true. We did have a 3,000 mile relationship,presents, etc. Brother is just greedy. He does not believe in God and said so at mom's graveside. Well there is always karma!

Anonymous said...

I feel for all of you. It has cost me so far over $28,000 in legal fees, much more to travel long distance and unpaid time off work and job lose, etc. over my brother's actions. The system seems to broken unless the elder has millions. My heart is broken, my Mom, my best friend is dead, and I couldn't even be with her when she was passing. I could care less about the money, but not being able to help my Mother was worst thing that can happen to a daughter. Our family now knows that cheaters and defamers always win.

Anonymous said...

Inheritance Theft: Our sister Rosemary Craig did the same thing to the four of us. We all grew up in a home in Brooklyn N.Y. Our mom Cathrine Craig died in 2004 Our lovely sister kept the home for herself and forgot about the four of her sisters and brothers. I find it amazing that you can all grow up in the same home and one child can be so so dirty and selfish. I know in my heart I could not live with myself if I did that to my sisters or brothers or even a stranger. anyway I belive in karma and god dont like ugly.

Anonymous said...

I am in the same horrific position. I won't go into the details but suffice it to say they run in the same evil sick, twisted direction. I did everything in my power to remedy the situation, but you can't reason with people with no morals or fairness or decency. The betrayal is SOOO terribly painful I can hardly function. My sister in laws sense of entitlement is literally unbelievable and my own brother and sister are just as bad. But at least they are related. To add insult to injury my mother (my father just died) is enjoying the satisfaction that she has caused this kind of pain to two of her daughters for nothing. My mother is an alcoholic narcissist/sociopath with a long history of cruelty and abuse. I met with my brother and sister in law and mother a few days ago and tried to brig everyone together. I asked what I ever did to make them hate me so much and they had no answer - I am just worthless like my father - no other reason, no reason at all. I started crying which made me all the more pathetic and got up and left. I could hear my mother screaming that it was all my fault. WHAT? She is just crazy. I wish I could do something but I have no legal recourse that I know of. I am so devastated. I have no husband or children and my childhood was filled with rejection and physical and verbal abuse. Why isn't there laws and lawyers who can help people like me. Apparently from what I am reading this evil is far more common than I ever knew. Why isn't there help for me?

Anonymous said...

Same thing here. I had a large family, recently going through a divorice after 36 years of marriage. Relatively well off, helped mom and dad, with money issues while brother is a leach. Sister has to work, so, even though close we had "other" responsibilities. Brother freeloaded off parents for years. He convinced mother we (sisters didn't care, no matter what we did or how much we loved them, but at times had to put our responsibilities first, while brother with NO children, lived off parents.
Mom thinks the earth turns on the sunshine (greed) of this worthless brother, and since Dad just died is totally listening to him, not realizing he has HUGE self interest at heart, and has shown NO interest in doing anything but profiting from selling all Dad's stuff in the name of "helping mother" while in reality mostly helping self. Now sister and I locked out of family farm, as are all the grandchildren. sick and much more common than I imagined.
Blood means nothing to greedy people. He had mom's ear, and she is easily led, now that Dad is gone. He put our dying Dad in a home he didn't even "check out" Got Hospice to "kill him quick" by over medicating and starving him. The perfect crime. Let them pay in Hell, for hurting all the sweet and innocent grandchildren. My father would have "never allowed or behaved this way". Not even a memorial for him on His land, he wanted all his heir to be able to use for recreation. Now a big lock on it all and brother has taken it all as his. Mom colludes out of fear of not being able to stand up to his control, and much dependency. Nothing can convince her brother has self vested motives. What hurts the most is Dad's personal stuff is being sold, and we can't even "buy it" for sentimental reasons.

Anonymous said...

I felt very alone until I read these stories. There is a spirit of greed in the "families" who have deceived, coveted, lied and stolen from their own family members...this is so cold-blooded to do to another person, leave alone the siblings you grew up with and trusted. My husband is brain damaged due to a disease he got when he was 3 yrs old, he has always been treated as a "non person" and they have even said to him he should be in subservience to them. Had to look that word up - "useful in an inferior capacity" and "slavishly obedient" when their mother died the oldest one was executor and he, the other brother and sister all conspired together and said because their mom paid our home's down payment, THAT WAS his inheritance. According to her will, he was to receive 25%, they totally ignored that and divided the money. they are just lying away to my husband and justifying themselves saying things like "it really wasn't that much money" I told him he should ask them next time "HOW much money was it, if it wasn't really that much ?" this is apparently the most common thing there is, the executor's family is filthy rich, that's the clincher, with super good retirements. They act all religious and that REALLY sickens me...wish they would come off the holier than thou phoniness and repent, apologize (ha ha) and restore the money they stole.

mitzy said...

The only thing worse than have a family member conspire to hasten the death of an elderly parent with Hospice help and then steal from the parents and siblings, is to do ANYTHING about ANY of this criminal elder abuse and all done for financial greed, is you get abused by a greedy attorney and in the end it is all gone anyway.
American justice lies solely in the hands of money.

mitzy said...

The only thing worse than a sibling that perpetrates "elder Abuse" on a parent, hastening their death without qualm, and then proceeding to cheat siblings, is that to report, stop them or recover any sentimental or monetary things like the elders home and personal possessions is to hire a rip off lawyer, and spend the rest of your life fighting for JUSTICE, until nothing is left.
NO wonder elder abuse is rampant, no one will do anything without loads of money. Sad
American justice can be bought, otherwise no entitlement to it.

Anonymous said...

My mother had emergency surgery, and I found out she had terminal cancer and might only have 4 weeks to live.

Within 2 days my brother began removing money and closing bank accounts.

My brother and his daughter took my mom to a Motel, changed the POA to remove me, told my mother's lawyer I was too mentally incompetent to own the house and to put it in his daughter's name, and to allow him to remove my inheritance from the bank accounts (for which I had right of survivorship - as this money went directly to me and not through the WiLL)The POA was made the same day he removed most of the money from 2 banks, something that should have been a red flag once he told them my mother was dying.

Within 2 weeks all the money was gone, over $100,000.

The lawyer later told me "you've been to my office before, it's YOUR FAULT I never talked to you" but weeks later he lied and told my mother that HE HAD NEVER MET ME, so how could he know her son was lying to him?

The new lawyer took almost all her pension money, made her live on my Disability pension, finally convinced my mother that he made a deal to get her money back, but she had to wait 3 months, once she died my brother claimed he had no money and I have no money to even garnish his wages, while he claims to be President and CEO of a multi-million dollar company.

The Police have had the case for 3 years, but I think they too were just waiting for her to die so this would all go away.

Just to file a court document another lawyer wants $2,000 which if my FOOD money for one year on Disability - another wanted a couple thousand up front, and $22,000 of the garnishment.

My only hope had been if convicted of theft, could I find a lawyer to sue the banks to get the money back.

Guess only rich people can afford justice, because only rich people can afford lawyers.

Anonymous said...

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Jason L Russell said...

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Anonymous said...

Several years ago my sister "stole" my mom from the home she was living in with her boyfriend. She had Alzhimers (spelling?). I was going to bring to our home in a few weeks, per doctor's instructions. He went into the hospital and somehow my POS sister found out, flew to where my mom lived and up and had the will changed (she was not part of our family; I was told she was my cousin) and took her away to another state. She died about a year later. I hired an attorney, who obviously was not as good as he sounded and had to go to the other state to fight to get my money back. Actually, I only asked for 1/2. I had many depositions from doctors, boyfriend, friends of my mom. I lost and the judge refused to take these depositions in as evidence. He said my mom did not have Alzhimers (was first listed cause of death on death certifite) and that this bitch was in the right. I am wondering if there is still something I can do about this. She has the $600K and I have nothing. Actually, she probably paid for her Condo with part of it and then spent the rest at the casinos in ND. I thought she was a nice person until she started asking me what money my mom had and stated that we should talk to her about changing the will to leave her 1/2. That will was written many many years before I knew anything about her being my sister. BTW, there were no other children. My father died way before my mom. I would love to go after this idiot and get my money back. It certainly would help now that we are needing to retire soon. Life is just not the way it should be.

Sue Preedy said...

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